GMT GROUP is one of the leading private sector investors in Georgia, which was founded in 1996 to capitalize on emerging investment opportunities in Georgia and on increasing investor interest in the region.

GMT GROUP is an experienced developer and property manager with the excellent track record of developing three Marriott hotels, the first, class A office building in Tbilisi and Tbilisi's landmark restaurant on top of the famous Mtatsminda Hill overlooking the city.

GMT's project of the Tbilisi Marriott and Courtyard by Marriott hotels along with GMT Plaza represents the first project in Georgia to receive funding through OPIC (the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the United States government's development finance institution). The hotels, the 127-room Tbilisi Marriott Hotel and the 118-room Courtyard by Marriott Tbilisi Hotel, were opened in June, 2002 and March, 2004 respectively. The GMT Plaza was the first, Class A office building in Tbilisi and continues to be the market maker for Class A office space in the city.

The new, 130-room Moxy Tbilisi Hotel under management of Marriott International was opened in March, 2018. A boutique hotel concept for the budget savvy traveler, Moxy Hotel boldly reinvents the traditional economy hotel experience allowing guests to work, play, connect and relax whilst surrounded by clever design and contemporary style. The Moxy Tbilisi Hotel is part of a new retail and office development around the Saarbrucken Square including a café and a Georgian restaurant. Cafe Puri Guliani was opened on May 1, 2019. The Georgian restaurant RIGI is set to open during spring, 2020. 

GMT GROUP redeveloped the Mtatsminda property into a "destination attraction" appealing to tourists and the domestic market. Mt. Mtatsminda, a symbolic landmark overlooking Tbilisi, is home to a historic funicular station, restaurant, and conference facilities. In a prominent location visible from everywhere in the city, the three-story, 7,000 square meter building was constructed in 1936-1938 and is an historic and architectural landmark of Tbilisi. The building's restaurant and lounge, offering fine dining and the most spectacular views in Tbilisi, and the surrounding park, providing family leisure and recreation, for decades were the most favorite attraction in Tbilisi for locals and visitors, until being damaged in the early 1990's. Reopened in 2013, the Funicular Restaurant Complex now hosts 4 separate dining outlets: Chela (traditional Georgian), Funifular Cafe (bakery), the Bar-Lounge & the signature Funicular Restaurant and Events Hall, which is perhaps the ultimate venue for a conference, wedding reception or party, with the facilities and service to match.

Sante GMT Products, LLC, the largest producer of dairy and juice products in Georgia was the member company of GMT GROUP prior to its acquisition by dairy manufacturing world leader LACTALIS in 2016 - it was the "first of its kind" M&A transaction in the agriculture sector in Georgia. This happened within months of winning a 2015 OPIC Development Impact Award reflecting how well the entire management and investors' team had worked together to create tremendous sustainable value in a sector so critical to Georgia's economic success. Sante's top quality products, its excellent developmental benefits and support to small farmers were critical components of the created value and this was recognized and rewarded both in financial terms and in the reputation and goodwill of the company. Bringing Sante to this point was a long and challenging road, but with the vision and unwavering dedication of the management team and shareholders, and a strong supportive and reliable partner like OPIC, it became a visible success for all.

The President and CEO of GMT GROUP is Mr. George Tavadze. With GMT, Mr. Tavadze has spearheaded the founding and funding of portfolio companies, then managing their development from start-ups into Georgian market-leaders. Mr. Tavadze was educated at Harvard Business Schools and Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is the Board member of the America-Georgia Business Council and, also, serves as President of the Harvard Club of Georgia (January 2015 to present).